International Healthcare Quality

How does your hospital measure up? Coordinated, measurable care drives excellence & improves outcomes.

Patient outcomes improve when hospitals and providers follow evidence-based guidelines and a framework to structure, manage and deliver high-quality patient care. Most hospitals have no idea how well their providers perform or how it impacts outcomes. The American Heart Association is your partner in this quality improvement journey. Our suite of programs offer the framework that transition hospitals into analytical organizations that continually improve processes.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence & work with the experts.

  • Shift from a traditional compliance mindset to an outcome verification approach, centered on patient-care.
  • Create a new standard of care and hospital value.
  • Transform organization-wide ongoing quality improvement, validated by actual patient care and outcomes evidence.
  • Since 2015 AHA has implemented QI programs in Middle East, Asia, Canada and Mexico with over 13 million patient records.

Participating hospitals will be in a position to:

  • Partner with AHA experts along your entire journey
  • Cohesively assess and refine patient care
  • Reduce risk with a system of constant improvement
  • Align providers, teams and departments in an organizational commitment to deliver guidelines-based patient care
  • Receive public recognition and differentiation locally, nationally, and internationally